Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elder Perry's in PERU!

Elder Perry arrived in Peru on February 12th. (Sorry I am so slow to update this blog. Evan got me a new computer and I know nothing about using a mac.) He is at the Lima MTC. As you can see from the above picture it is a beautiful place at the foot of the Andes (to see more pictures go to Goggle Earth.) It is very lush and green and has lot's of flowers. Tanner is able to do personal study and companion study in the courtyard which has a fountain and pillars around it. "I really love the weather here, it's amazing. It's always the perfect temperature. It feels so good to have study time outside! It's amazing. I can't even explain how good the air feels here!" This MTC has terrific physical facilities. A soccer field that is turf, sand volleyball, basketball, football, ping pong tables, etc. Elder Perry enjoys gym time. He can't believe he's in Peru playing sand volleyball. (It's been easy to win cause the net is only 3 inches above his head-the advantages of being a tall North American. ) There are 80 missionaries at this MTC. Tanner is one of 6 North American Elders. Spanish classes are small-taught by teachers that don't speak much English, to Elders who don't speak much Spanish. "Everyone here is super nice, all the teacher's are friendly and super encouraging. Everyone is kind and really want to help us."
Saturday, February 21st Elder Perry gave out his first 3 Book of Mormons.
"This was our first day of proselyting. We were out in a tiny town 40 minutes away by bus. We spent 6 hours out there knocking on doors..." Elder Perry and his companion were able to talk to
a teenage girl, a teenage girl and boy, and a teenage girl and her mother. As they got ready to leave the last house-"the mother got up to shake my hand but leaned in and kissed me. I was in shock. It was a pretty crazy day for sure!"

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