Tuesday, May 12, 2009


One of Tanner's first acts of service was to help a member slaughter a sheep and several chickens. We certainly did nothing to help him prepare for this-no lifestock experience at
the Perry's.

Selling shishkebabs!

His first Saturday in Guadalupe Tanner had 3 baptisms. Cynthia, a single mother, wanted to get baptized but had to sell shishkebabs to make money-so Tanner and his companion decided to help her out so that she could be baptized. (These shishkebabs are made from the stomach muscle of a bird!!!! GROSS!!!)


On March 24th Tanner flew from Lima to Trujillo. The Trujillo airport is one building. To exit the plane they roll out a ladder.

After meeting President Mora and his wife , the new missionaries had pizza, and then met back at the mission office to go tracking with the missionaires in the office. The next morning they had a 5 hour meeting with the President to get a run down of the mission and then they went to the transfer meeting. Tanner was assigned to Guadalupe with Elder Howes. Guadalupe is two hours north of Trujillo. Elder Howes is North American and Tanner is his first North American companion. Elder Howes has served for 21 months.